Wietmarschen is a unitary community (Einheitsgemeinde) in the county of Grafschaft Bentheim in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is split into the villages of Wietmarschen, Füchtenfeld lint pills, Schwartenpohl, Lohnerbruch, Nordlohne and Lohne with Lohne being the biggest and having the town hall while Wietmarschen, which is the second biggest, having the name.

Wietmarschen lies roughly 8 kilometres (5&nbsp soccer goalkeeper uniform set;mi) west of Lingen, and 13 kilometres (8 mi) northeast of Nordhorn. The community’s highest elevation is the Rupingberg in Lohne at 50 metres (160 ft) above sea level. There are plans to construct a viewing tower on it.

The community is divided into six Ortsteile named Wietmarschen, Füchtenfeld, Schwartenpohl, Lohnerbruch, Nordlohne and Lohne.

The community of Wietmarschen diverges sharply from the rest of the district with regard to religion in that it has a largely Catholic character. In February 2006, the community’s religious affiliations broke down thus:

Wietmarschen’s council is made up of 28 councillors.

(as of municipal election on 15 September 2016)

The town hall is in Lohne.

The full-time mayor Manfred Wellen was elected on 25 May 2014 with 64.25% of the vote.

The community’s arms show a red field with a stylized lily in the upper half of the middle flanked by a golden bulrush on each side sprouting up from the bottom and tilting away from the lily, and each with a golden leaf goalkeeper equipment uk.

Mortagne-au-Perche, France became a partner community of Wietmarschen on 2 July 1989.


Marien-Schule Wietmarschen (elementary school and Hauptschule)

Grundschule Lohne (elementary school)

Schulzentrum Lohne (Hauptschule and Realschule)